Affiliate program

Do you run a blog or a website? Do you have many followers on Facebook or Instagram? You could make money by recommending on these channels.


  • 15% commission for new customers and their first 2 purchases/
  • You are able to give you readers a discount code of 10%
  • Unlimited  cookie life
  • Minimum Purchase of 10 USD
  • Commissions will be paid out via Paypal

How our affiliate program works

Very simple - join our affiliate program and  put your affiliate link on your website, blog or social media channel. A cookie will track visitors to your site and their actions for an unlimited amount of time. If they make an order you will earn a commission.

Who can join the program?

Our affiliate program is open to all who provide content in the areas of health, brain & general fitness, nutrition and wellness (slimming, healthy nutrition, etc.).

Which advertising materials do we offer?

You certainly know your visitors and followers better than we do and we hope that you will be creative with our coupon codes and text links and you could create your own posts, product and shop reviews, entries on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more. You could also use your affiliate link to promote our products on your email list.

How to get started?

We use ReferralCandy as an affiliate platform. Registration is quick and once you have signed up you can start and promote to earn money today.

Follow the outlined steps below to learn how to sign up as an affiliate:

Step 1

In order to sign up for our affiliate program please go to this webpage:

There you will see following:

Signup form affiliate program

Simply enter your email (and the name of your website or social media channel name if you want) and click ‘Start sharing!’.

Step 2

Once you have entered your email on the page before and clicked the button, you will be redirected to your affiliate portal page. You should bookmark the URL of this page.
There you can do two things:

  1. Create a login to track your sales
    If you click on the ‘track your rewards’ link in the upper right hand corner you can set a password an confirm your email to start tracking your referrals.
  2. Get your affiliate link
    In order to get your actual affiliate link, please click on the link in the dark grey box (see screenshot below)

2nd step signup affiliate

Step 3

Copy your affiliate link under 'Take me to the store' and use that as your referral link to earn your commission on

3rd step signup affiliate

Afterwards, please contact us via email on to get the newest coupon code.

That’s it! Join our affiliate program today!

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