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Is CBD Legal in my State or Country? Is CBD Legal in my State or Country?
Is CBD Legal in my State or Country?

In the United States CBD is federally legal for use provided it was derived from legally grown hemp plants with a THC content less than 0.3%. However, some State laws are still confused about the legality of CBD sale and possession. Notably, South Dakota and Nebraska still maintain that CBD is illegal, even when derived from hemp plants. In many countries in the world, including the EU and the UK, CBD is legal. In many more countries, CBD is approved for medical use. In some countries, CBD remains illegal and possession is punishable by law. It’s important to know the legality of CBD in your state, country, or jurisdiction!

How Does CBD Work? How Does CBD Work?
How Does CBD Work?

You’ve already heard about the multitude of health benefits of CBD oil – a healthy, safe, and side-effect-free natural alternative to many pharmaceuticals (if not, check out our Top CBD Benefits article). In this article, you will learn more about how CBD works, how long CBD oil takes to work, and the differences between hemp extract and CBD oil. Most people who use CBD products report feeling more present, patient, and calm. New studies also indicate that it is effective for relieving numerous symptoms of ill-health and acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory!

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